We are specialists

We love travelling and outdoor activities. We are curious and adventurous.

We respect and support our culture and traditions. We are committed to the environment.

We adore mountains and their people. We enjoy driving isolated roads through villages where people keep their ancenstral traditions and live quietly, in harmony with the environment.

All this is La Cienaga.

Florencia Ferrari - Director

Holding a degree in Tourism, I worked for many years as a tour leader in Southern Patagonia and Northwest Argentina.
In 2004 I moved to Salta and started my own travel business, La Cienaga, aimed to show travelers not just the main attractions of the region but also let them discover the magic of the area through genuine experiences with local people.


Our business

La Cienaga is a family-run business.

We love what we do.

We keep on exploring our mountains, valleys and gorges.
Our tours are designed as an invitation for travelers to connect with the local people and its natural environment.

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¿Te ayudo a diseñar un viaje único?